Yaesu FT-270R Submersible 5 Watt Amateur Radio 2 Meter VHF Transceiver

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  • Brand: Yaesu
  • Category: Two-Way Radios
  • frequency range receive: 136 - 174 MHz
  • frequency range transmit: 144 - 148 MHz

The FT-270R is a compact, high-performance FM hand-held providing up to five Watts of RF power, along with big audio output (800 mW) and unmatched protection against the elements!

Protected against water ingress to IPX7 specifications (submersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 3 feet), the FT-270R features long operating time, thanks to the supplied 1400 mAh NiMH Battery Pack.

The 16-key FT-270R includes direct keyboard frequency entry and direct DTMF input, along with quick one-touch access to YAESU’s exciting and fun WiRES-II VoIP Internet Linking system!

  • Heavy Duty Amateur Ham Radio Submersible Waterproof Handheld Transceiver!
  • Transmits 144-148Mhz VHF Amateur band, receives 136-174Mhz.
  • 200ch AlphaNumeric memories, ctcss/dcs (PL & DPL), Scanning modes, Backlit Keypad.
  • Alo Features split tone capability, 5 Watt selectable output, W.I.R.E.S system, & more.
  • Includes 1400mA battery, overnite charger, belt clip & sma Antenna.
Frequency Range Receive:
136 - 174 MHz
Frequency Range Transmit:
144 - 148 MHz
Channel Steps:
5/10/12.5/15/20/25/50 & 100 kHz
Standard Repeater Shift:
600 kHz
Emission Type:
F2D, F3E
Supply Voltage:
7.2 VDC
Current Consumption:
165 mA (Receive)
8 mA (Auto Power Off)
1500mA (5W)
Case Size:
2.4" (W) x 4.7" (H) x 1.3" (D)
13.8 oz 390 g. (with antenna & battery)
Circuit Type:
Double-conversion superheterodyne
Sensitivity (12dB SINAD):
Better than 0.16uV
Adjacent Channel Selectivity:
Better than 70 dB
Intermediate Frequencies:
First:  21.7 MHz. Second:  450 kHz.
Better than 70 dB
AF Output:
800 mW @ 16 Ohms for 10% THD (@ 7.4 V)
RF Power Output:
5/2/0.5W (@ 7.2 VDC)
Frequency Stability:
Better than 5 ppm
Modulation Type:
Variable Reactance F2D, F3E
Maximum Deviation:
5 kHz / 2.5 kHz
Spurious Emission:
Better than 60 dB below carrier (at high and medium power)
Microphone Impedance:
2 k Ohm Condenser
Bubba 5.0
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This is my first Amateur band radio, as I have been studying for my Technician License. I love it! If I was a little smarter I bet I would really enjoy it.
Robert N. Casey 3.0
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I like the unit but the jury is still out on its performance. I am usually on the side during local net operations. The HT seems todrop some incoming transmissions. I am not sure if it is my operating technique or the unit. I am still working on it. I am very close to the Repeater so it is not distance.
silkiechicken 5.0
Radio is great. Submersible works. Dunked it in the river and it is none worse for the wear. MUCH MUCH clearer than the bao feng previously purchased and now used as backup. External mike is ideal as waterproofing membrane does muffle sounds a bit.